Principle of Temperature Difference Power Generation

  1. Liquid working fluid (WF) with low boiling point is evaporated by heat sources (OTEC=25~30℃ surface seawater, DTEC=60~200℃ waste heat) at evaporator.
  2. WF vapor drives turbine generator to produce electricity.
  3. WF vapor is cooled by cool sources (OTEC=5~7℃ deep seawater, DTEC=10~30℃ river water, seawater, factory water, etc.) back to liquid at condenser.
  4. WF recirculates in the cycle.

Mini-OTEC; Plant Simulator for Temperature Difference Power Generation

Our “Mini-OTEC” simulator has received favorable reviews as a tool for promotion and education of the power generation methods for hot spring and OTEC as the simulator recreates the conditions in the plant despite the compact size.
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