Message from the President

Message from the President

The unlimited possibilities of the future are hidden in the sea.

Our company has focused on ocean energy by working to research, develop, and bring to commercial stage a promising technology with infinite potential: Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion ; (OTEC). With support from our various shareholders and stakeholders, I believe now is the time to show what we have prepared for.

OTEC is now being demonstrated through operation at Kumejima, Okinawa, accelerating the realization of practical deployment.

The core of our capabilities include the design of power generation systems utilizing small thermal differences and the manufacture of heat exchangers, the most important equipment in OTEC plants. We are confident our unique plate type heat exchanger is the most suitable heat exchanger for OTEC. Recently, use of our unique heat exchangers has grown not just for use in thermal power generation but in other industrial fields due to the small pressure loss and lack of leakage from the all-welded design.

In addition to activities in renewable fields such as OTEC, we propose to utilize unused waste heat such as from industries or hot springs to generate electricity as an effective means of saving energy for the heat source owners by applying technologies developed for OTEC. Our technologies are especially effective for generating power with low temperature waste heat below 200℃, which in the past has been considered difficult to recover or use.

We would like to contribute to the world becoming more energy efficient through the demonstration and commercialization of OTEC and waste heat power generation.

Sadayuki Jitsuhara