Message from the President

Message from the President

The oceans hold an unlimited future's potential.

Our company has focused on researching and developing ocean energy in order to realize and commercialize "Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion" (OTEC) and its huge potential. With support from our various shareholders and stakeholders, I believe now is the time to show what we have been preparing for.

OTEC is now being demonstrated through operation at Kumejima, Okinawa, and efforts towards practical application are accelerating. In Kumejima, aquaculture of sea  grapes and prawns utilizing deep seawater properties (low temperature, high cleanliness, and nutrient richness), the same seawater needed for OTEC, has also been active, becoming industries boasting the largest market shares in Japan.

Our core capabilities include the designing and construction management of power generation systems utilizing small thermal differences and the manufacture of heat exchangers, the most important component of such systems. Our heat exchangers are a unique plate type, most suitable for temperature difference power generation due to their high efficiency and compactness. Our patented processes and technology are put to use at our solely owned factory. Recently, the usage of our heat exchangers has grown not just for use in thermal power generation but in other industrial fields where our customers can take advantage of our unique all-welded heat exchanger with no leakage and low pressure loss.

In addition, we propose applying technologies developed for OTEC to unused waste heat such as from industries or hot springs to generate electricity as an effective means of saving energy. Our technologies are especially effective for generating power with low temperature heat below 200, which in the past has been wasted as it was considered difficult to recover or use.

We are currently promoting practical application and dissemination in order to make full use of our world leading Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion and Discharge Thermal Energy Conversion technologies in contributing to not only domestic regional revitalization but the support of many countries through our contribution to Japan's energy system exports.

President and Representative Director


Kenichi Fukushima