Xenesys was selected by Saga Prefecture for the ‘’Subsidy for commercialization assistance for renewable energy etc. in Saga Prefecture.”

August 23, 2012

In this project, we will conduct a research on current situation of utilization of exhaust heat emitted from industrial waste facilities and recycling facilities. We also conduct basic experiments of utilizing heat source of actual industrial waste disposal facilities to drive down the cost of heat recovery section of Discharged Thermal Energy Conversion (DTEC) system. The high cost of the equipments in the section is one of the reasons for DTEC system. We will aim to install DTEC system in the following fiscal year. 


Currently, exhaust heat from industrial waste disposal facilities is not utilized efficiently, for the temperature below 150℃ is not high in calorific value. If we can extract such exhaust heat (energy), it can be applied as heat source for DTEC system. The power output will be about 100 kW per system, depending on the system design conditions.
After the research, we are planning to install a DTEC system. In addition , based on the research results, we will examine the facilities that could have benefits by installing the system, and intend to advance the installation to such facilities.